HeavyD asks Thoroughbred Aviation to help with its Blackhawk Project


HeavyDSparks of Diesel Brothers fame has started his latest project – and has brought Thoroughbred Aviation along for the ride! Our shop was chosen to get the helicopter back into prime flying condition, and we are so excited for the challenge.

HeavyD had very kind words to say about our CEO, Joe Otte, in his announcement video:

Joe Otte is, hands down, the best aviation mechanic I’ve ever met in my entire life. He owns a big outfit down in Kentucky called Thoroughbred Aviation. I trust Joe with my life, with my money, and with this whole project. The thing about Joe is — he is honest, is extremely smart, and has got a huge facility with an excellent staff that can figure out just about anything. They’re the guys I trust to do all of the work on the Blackhawk …

We will be helping with not only the maintenance required but also the required certifications and PMI1 and PMI2 inspections. Many thanks to HeavyDSparks for placing his trust in Thoroughbred Aviation!


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