Reattaching the Black Hawk Blades for Ground Runs & System Checks

Have you ever seen the four massive blades of Black Hawk being reattached? It’s a pretty big endeavor!

Heavy D Sparks recently purchased a Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk helicopter and hired Thoroughbred Aviation to perform the aircraft inspections. Because of the time involved with the government auction, acquisition and final release of the aircraft, the Black Hawk had been sitting unused for 6 months. In order to transport the aircraft, the main rotor blades, tail rotor blades and horizontal stabilizer had been removed. Because we were not completely confident of the aircraft’s condition, the decision was made to reinstall all of these removed components in order to perform ground runs and operational system checks prior to the disassembly of the aircraft for the PMI 1 & 2 inspections. @HeavyDSparks 

Heavy D buys the Black Hawk:…

tay tuned to our channel as we show the steps involved in the PMI1 and PMI2 inspections of this four-blade, twin-engine utility military helicopter.